About Happy Couple

What is Happy Couple? What is the purpose of this app?

Happy Couple is an App designed for couples. Through a daily quiz, you and your partner will (re)discover each other and find original activities and tips to spice up your relationship.

Is it a game or a tool for couples?

Happy Couple is a game for couples, but it also acts as a tool to help you improve the communication in your relationship.

Can I invite my friends to play Happy Couple?

Sure! Enter your friends' emails on Menu > Invite a friend.

What's the story behind the app?

The whole project started when Julien, a French startuper, met Erin, in San Francisco. So yes, this is a couple's App, made by a couple and for a couple.

Is there an end to the game?

As in Love, the game is endless. Levels are unlimited and thousands of questions are available.


What are the languages Happy Couple is available in?

At the moment Happy Couple is available in French and in English. We hope to develop it in other languages soon.

My partner has just signed up for Happy Couple. How can I join him/her?

You and your partner received an email with the invitation code. Download the app and click on > 1st visit, then enter your email and the invitation code received.

How to play

How can I view my partner's personal answers?

You can view your past guesses for your partner as well as all your partner's answers on Menu > My feed. In the same way, your partner can view your answers and his/her guesses about you.

How come my partner and I did not get the same questions in the daily quiz?

To spice things up and to allow you to skip a question undetected, you both only receive a few matching questions a day. This creates a surprise when you receive the alert that your partner has answered one of the random questions.

I am not receiving notifications. How can I activate them?

You can activate the notifications by going to My account > and check the box "I want to receive push notifications from Happy Couple" (at the top). You may also need to verify that you wish to activate notifications in the settings of your smartphone.

I answered 5 questions, but when I look at the scores, only 2 answers appear?

You and your partner have some different questions every day. Only the questions that both you and your partner answered will be displayed in the scores.

How can I view my partner's guesses about me?

You can't see the guesses that your partner made about you on your phone at this time. Just ask your partner to open up discussions :)

How can I get more than 5 questions a day?

Very soon you will be able to buy packets of questions on different themes which you will be able to use on the same day as purchased.